Chris Wagoner is Hopewell's STAR employee of the month
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Chris Wagoner
Chris Wagoner

Congratulations to Mr. Chris, Hopewell's STAR employee for the month!

Chris Wagoner is Hopewell's head custodian. He has a serving spirit and optimistic attitude. Anytime Mr. Wagoner is called upon to provide assistance in classrooms, office, or cafeteria, he is quick to respond and thoroughly completes all that is asked of him. He has great rapport with all staff. Often, Mr. Wagoner will come up with great ideas on ways to improve our school campus or make it safer. He goes way beyond his regular duties to make sure Hopewell is well maintained and staff members are supported. It is with thankfulness and pride that we select Chris Wagoner as Hopewell's STAR Employee for December.

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